Price Match Guarantee

The LiPS Paintball Price Match Promise

What requirements must be met to have a price matched?

We are well aware that LiPS Paintball can’t be the cheapest on every price all the time. Retailing is fluid and there are times that we have to review products on an individual basis.

So, here we go…..

All of LiPS Paintball physically ‘in stock’ products destined for delivery within the UK & Europe are eligible for a price match. However, the product offered elsewhere, its purchase price, and the competitor must meet the following criteria:

– The competitor’s product must be identical as that offered at LiPS Paintball (e.g. same size, colour, specification, model year, etc).

– The competitor’s product must be in stock at the time of the price matching showing clearly live stock.

– The competitor’s price must include delivery, or, if not, delivery costs will be added to the offer price to create a total price inclusive of delivery (delivery costs will be estimated using the competitor’s delivery policies based on that product alone being ordered).

– The competitor’s price must be publicly advertised online and verifiable at the time of the price matching, and cannot include any volume or personal discounts. We will accept a forwarded E-mail with the product, price and postage clearly indicated by the competitor selling the product. We will also accept forwarded E-mail mailshots, again with price, delivery and postage clearly marked and the offer must be current and not outside the competitor’s offer period. We do not price match verbal quotations.

– The quotation must be a competitor that is registered for VAT within the UK.

– Additional voucher type discounts and discount codes must be live and visible to all site visitors at the time we conduct the price match in order for them to be included in the competitor’s price. For Example, we will price match against a competitor’s price inclusive of a voucher discount or discount codes, but only if the voucher/code is clearly available to all customers at the time we match the price.

– The competitor must be based in the UK and sell direct to consumers, e.g., We endeavour to match sellers on eBay and Amazon subject to our acceptance and clarification of certain product and ‘retailer status’ authentification. We will not match ‘private’ sellers. (If you have a price from an international retailer, we will still endeavour to match the price, but we cannot guarantee it – please ask!) .

-London International Paintball Supplies Ltd (LiPS Paintball) reserves the right to refuse any requests that are not seen as acceptable to our company.

Note that no other promotional offers or services can be used with a product which is price matched. In other words, discount vouchers cannot be applied to price matched products to receive a further discount. We cannot retroactively price match after the transaction and the product has been ordered. In general, only one item may be purchased at a matched price and the purchase of multiple items requested at a matched price will only be allowed at the discretion of the LiPS Paintball customer service team.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call us on 01707 325007 or mail us at

Best wishes,

The LiPS Paintball Sales Team.